OOB ENTERTAINMENT is game entertainment for families all over the world. The board game, JAIL OR BAIL, was created and designed around the bail bond industry by Gina Powell, the owner of AA American Bail Bonds located in Galion, Ohio. Gina has been in the bail industry for 14 years. Her love for board games combined with her passion for bail and chasing down fugitives for 14 years, is what brought Jail or Bail to surface. Gina started developing her idea in June 2017. During the manufacturing process, Gina will be launching Jail or Bail board game on the website, Kickstarter, for 45 days. This will give people all over the world availability to order Jail or Bail on line or through the phone app. The pre-sales will contain a limited 100 “Special Editions” out of the 1000 First Edition games through Kickstarter. The game is a 2-6 player game and recommended for the ages of 17 and older.

“Jail or Bail” is a board game designed for entertainment purposes only. The criminal and illegal acts, misdemeanors, felonies, and other charges, consequential activities, punishments, fines, and the like displayed as part of the game may not be reflective of actual real-life situations and should not be relied upon as actual crimes, punishments, and consequences. All information displayed on this game is provided “as-is” without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. “Jail or Bail” is not engaged in the rendering of any legal, financial, or professional advice of any kind and does not promote or encourage the participation by anyone in any illegal or criminal activities of any nature.”

Jail or Bail is an interactive game which makes it much more fun. The object of the game is to avoid receiving 3 felony cards and/or losing all of your money. Stealing the players seat of your choice when landing on the “Change Seats” space adds more excitement to the game as players compete to avoid going broke or becoming the one thrown out of the game for holding 3 felony cards.

We hope that you enjoy playing Jail or Bail as much as we have. Continue to follow us on facebook as we will constantly provide updates. Thank you all for your support!  Brought to you by OOB Entertainment.