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You told the police you drive better when drinking, go to jail!
Passed out on your neighbors lawn, fined $100
Got into a fight with your cellmate for farting in the cell, pay $100


Try to avoid losing all of your money and/or picking up 3 felonies.

The first player who runs out of money OR obtains 3 felonies is out!

If a player has 2 felony cards and you are holding a felony card, you may put him or her out by landing on the “Give any player a felony card” space.

Steal the money from the player with the most cash in front of him or her by landing on the “Change seats” space.

Get out of jail by using your “Out On Bail” card to keep playing. If not, the player has to roll doubles to get out or purchase an “Out On Bail” card from another player.

The misdemeanor and felony cards are guaranteed to make you laugh.

This game is a lot of fun for 2-6 players. Coming to Amazon soon!


  • Interactive with other players.
  • The ability to throw another player out of the game.
  • Steal another players seat.
  • Change your fortune with the roll of the dice.
  • Try to avoid receiving 3 felony cards.
  • Be the last one standing with the most money.